At FRHS India, clients are at the center of everything we do.

We are committed to provide quality services that ensure client safety and comfort, especially to our clients living in some of the hardest to reach areas of the country. We ensure this by :

Consistent Adherence to Professional Standards :

Our service delivery teams adhere to evidence based protocols, guidelines and standards, mandated by the Government of India and MSI Reproductive Choices

Competent Staff and Training :

We recruit professionally qualified and experienced staff whose competencies are assessed by our Clinical Services Team before they start providing services. All team members go through a structured induction program which orients them to our service delivery philosophy and standards. In addition, refresher trainings (Client Centeredness; Counselling; Infection Prevention; Medical Emergency Management) are held routinely to upgrade knowledge and skills.

Monitoring of Services :

Our national and state clinical service teams monitor the services provided periodically through supportive supervision visits, competency assessments, periodic internal quality assessments, client record audits and review of incidents. The findings are discussed with the team members and action plans are developed to address identified gaps. In addition, MSI Reproductive Choices conducts an independent annual quality technical assessment.

Referral Tie-ups :

In each of the geographies that we work, we have a referral arrangement with a higher level facility to manage any adverse incidents or complications faced by our clients. We also have agreements in place with the vendors to transport our clients to the referral facility. Since we serve clients in an outreach setting, the referral tie-ups ensure that no time is lost in the event of our client facing any complication.

Client Follow-up and Satisfaction :

All clients who receive services are telephonically followed up within 24-36 hours to enquire about their well-being. Our staff is trained to follow a structured algorithm for the call, which ensures that we are able to pick up any potential issues and address them immediately. Client satisfaction is measured quarterly through telephonic surveys and annually through an independent client exit interview study.

Clinical Governance :

A robust clinical governance system is in place with the National and State Medical Advisory teams consisting of clinical and program managers to oversee the quality of services. The medical advisory teams meet periodically to review adherence to standards, discuss findings from quality assessment, supportive supervision and incident management reports and provide necessary guidance to address identified gaps.