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Invest in family planning for a lifetime of returns

“One of the major causes of poverty is a lack of family planning. Governments and organizations need to encourage people to use birth control so that they don’t have unexpected babies, which will only make families poorer.”

– Dr. Philip Kotler,
The Father of Modern Marketing

In India, according to the National Family Health Survey, 12.9 % of married women population (15- 49 years) has an unmet need for family planning. The non-usage of contraceptives in India contributes to -



Unplanned Pregnancies Every Year



abortions every year



unplanned births every year


of neonatal mortality


of maternal mortality

Improved access to contraception and safe abortion services would prevent families to bear unintended pregnancies, health risks and financial crunches. The impact of investing in family planning would lead to -


times returns to social, economic and environmental assets


billion rupees added to India’s economic productivity

Better quality of
life through smaller

A better environment through
lesser burden on land and
natural resources

More women in workforce

Partnering with FRHS India

FRHS India has been providing quality contraception and safe abortion services to couples since 2009. We are a client-focused and result-driven social business working towards social and economic development of millions of women, families and development of the country.

We have a presence in 82 districts in the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

We can work with you to build a customized package that suits your need and budget.

  • Operation of clinical outreach services in the district of your choice

    An investment of Rs. 45,00,000 annually would support-
    • Outreach family planning counseling and services in 12-15 sites
    • 200 fixed day services in a year
    • 3,500 clients serviced for family planning
    • Community engagement
  • NSV Clinical Outreach Team for involving men in family planning

    An investment of Rs. 25,00,000 annually would support-
    • 1000 clients serviced for family planning
    • 150 outreach events
    • 10,000 men reached through communication
  • Operation of Mini-Clinical Outreach Team for one year

    An investment of Rs. 20,00,000 annually would-
    • Facilitate outreach of birth spacing counselling and services in 30-45 sites
    • Support 360 outreach events
    • Enable serving 1,800 clients with spacing methods
    • Empower 15,000 adolescents and young adults through community engagement
  • Customized ambulance for providing outreach services

    A one-time investment of Rs. 15,00,000 would custom build an ambulance that has a life of atleast five years.
  • Couple Years of Protection

    • An investment of Rs 2,68,000 would support 1000 couples for prevention of unintended pregnancies for one year.
    • An investment of Rs 2,25,000 annually would sponsor 10 outreach events in a district of your choice.
  • Options for your employees to contribute

    • Sponsor a client’s family planning need
    • Volunteer with us


FRHS India welcomes support from individuals who are interested in our work. The options available are:

  • Rs 2,680 would enable us to deliver 10 couple years of protection from unwanted pregnancy
  • Rs 22,500 can help sponsor an outreach event providing quality family planning services

Donations to FRHS India are eligible for deductions under section 80G of Income Tax Act.