Our Mission

Children By Choice, Not Chance

At FRHS India, we work towards a world in which every birth is wanted. We believe that women should have the right to choose whether, when and how many children to have. Our role is to empower individuals and families to make healthy choices through improved access to information and high quality, affordable sexual and reproductive health services. In advancing our mission, we work hard to increase the reach of our quality family planning and reproductive health services.

Our Core Values

Mission driven: With unwavering commitment, we exist to empower women and men to have children by choice, not chance.

Client-centered: We are passionate about our clients and dedicate our efforts to deliver agreed objectives to the highest possible quality.

Accountable: We are accountable for our actions and take responsibility for everything we do to ensure long-term sustainability and increased impact.

Courageous: We recruit and nurture talented, passionate and brave people who have the courage to push boundaries, make tough decisions and challenge others in line with our mission.